Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WATCH Ep. 9 of #TalkTooMuch “Pet Peeves”

On this episode, Anthony goes into EXPLICIT details on what pisses him off!!! See what he had to say!!!

Watch Vonzell’s new music video “Stronger” now!

"True Story" EP Available on iTunes: http://bit.ly/TrueStoryEP

Saturday, May 31, 2014

LISTEN to My Remix of “Lookin’ Ass” NOW!



Look at these stupid ass niggas
Talking bout they real when they’re
Really fake ass niggas

Look at these lying ass niggas
Talking bout they got it
When they gotta pay a fine
Dumb dumb niggas

Talkin bout they the realest
But really dick riding they friends
Trynna be up in it

Talkin’ out they ass like
They got diarrhea of the mouth
Acting like they from the south
Ass niggas

Look at these hoe ass bitches
Ratchet ass bitches
Claiming married niggas

Popcorn bitches
As soon as you pop them
Shit em out
Then get rid if them bitches

No respect having bitches
Side hoe on the come up ass bitches
Taking other women nigga bitches
Always on that bullshit ass bitches

And let’s not forget about them niggas
Always talking about the gays
But really be the ones
Who’s closet space
Is bigger than motherfucking rich man’s
Dining table

Be the mains ones talking that shit
But really be the main ones wanting that dick
Be the main ones screaming out
Gay is a sin
But in the bedroom
Sweating out bricks (What!)
I’m sick of these niggas
It’s 2014
Niggas still acting mean like what

They be the hardest
But really be the main ones softest

I’m sick of the games
I’m sick of the shit
I’m sick of the niggas
I’m sick of the bitches

Talking and looking
But ain’t worth two bags of chips
See the police and they dip
Ass Niggas

This is for the niggas and bitches
Getting mad over this
Saying “It Ain’t Me!”
But really it is

Cause if it wasn’t about you
Then why yo’ ass gettin’ offended
But I guess

Ratchet hoes will talk
Dumb ass niggas will walk
And if you got a problem
Talk to somebody that’ll give a fuck
Cause I’m on my next
So who want what?

I done been cool with y’all niggas
Gave y’all the benefit
Didn’t say nothing
When y’all was talking shit
I just let it roll off and keep it movin’
So who y’all foolin’?

I put y’all niggas on blast
Grown ass niggas
Still stuck in the past
I’ve done moved on
With my shoes on
So what the fuck you gotta say about that

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WATCH Ep. 8 of #TalkTooMuch “Game of Solange”

On this episode, Anthony talks about his first experience with the mega hit show “Game of Thrones” & he also goes into details on the viral video of Solange Knowles going street fighter on Jay-Z in an elevator during the Met Gala.